Don’t get burnt this Summer

Hampshire Constabulary are reminding residents to consider the following as the termperatures start to warm up
• Keep ground-floor or accessible windows shut and locked in rooms you are not using.
• Don’t leave doors and patios doors open.
• Remember to lock up properly before going to bed.
• Remember, insurance companies will often refuse to pay out if a burglary is a result of an insecurity.
• If you are taking the opportunity to do some DIY to your home, don’t leave ladders and tools out. Keep them locked up.
• Make sure you lock side or rear gates which provide access into your garden.
• Do not do business at the door. Companies who tout at the door for gardening and home improvements often turn out to be bogus.
• If you are in the back garden having a barbeque party, don’t be tempted to leave the front door open for your visitors to let themselves in.
• If you are going out for the evening remember to use a timer switch on a lamp or radio to give the impression someone is home.
• Hot weather is a good opportunity to get out cycling. Remember to lock your bike using a decent ‘D’ lock, even if leaving for only a couple of minutes.
• Remember to shut car windows and sunroofs, even if parked on your drive.
• If you are gardening, don’t be tempted to leave doors and accessible windows open.
• If you are working in the front garden, remember not to leave expensive power tools lying around, even if just for a couple of minutes.
• Scrap metal has a high value, so be careful about leaving barbeques in the front garden – they may be taken.
• Check the security of sheds and garages and make sure it is adequate.
• While working on the garden, make sure you check boundary fences and walls to ensure they are in good order.
• Take the hot weather as an opportunity to ensure garden statues are appropriately anchored and padlock hanging baskets to their support.
• If you are buying new garden tools or outside equipment, mark with your house number and postcode and register for free at

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