Full Council
Consists of all eleven Parish Councillors and is ultimately responsible for all the services and functions of Marchwood Parish Council.

Amenities Committee
Consists of six Parish Councillors and is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Parish Council’s open spaces, trees and facilities such as play areas.


Graeme Gant, Malcolm Havercroft, Allie Hoare,Tom Pocock, Mike Proctor (Chair), Richard Young (ex-officio)

Policy & Resources Committee
Consists of six Parish Councillors and is responsible for the assets of the Parish Council, setting the budget and setting policies for the range of council services.


Mike Saxby, John Case, Darryl Hindle,(Chair) Malcolm Havercroft, Patrick Mballa, Richard Young (ex-officio)

Planning Committee
Consists of six Councillors and is charged with examining and commenting upon all planning applications affecting the Council’s area.  In addition, it considers all matters relating to transportation and trees.

Interested parties often use the public participation time to comment on a planning application.


Mike Saxby (Chair), John Case, Darryl Hindle, Allie Hoare, Patrick Mballa,Tom Pocock, Richard Young (ex-officio)

Confirmed at the extra-ordinary meeting of the Full Council
held on the 24 June 2019.