In the interests of the health of our staff, their families, and the wider village community we have regretfully taken the decision to temporarily close the Marchwood Parish Council office until further notice.

Our officers are still busy working and can currently be contacted via email:


If you need assistance you may call 023 8086 0273 and leave a message or 023 8155 0063  if you need help from our colleagues at the Marchwood Isolation Support Group.

Thank you for your understanding at this incredibly difficult time for us all.

Councillor Richard Young
Marchwood Parish Council

Daily Updates From HCC

visit: https://www.hants.gov.uk/socialcareandhealth/coronavirus

Hampshire Waste and Recycling Centres Closed 24.03.2020

Following the PM’s announcement last night, Hampshire County Council has taken the decision to close all its HWRCs until further notice.

The sites will be manned as normal to allow for servicing etc. so that the sites can be left in a go-ready state for when the restrictions are lifted or in the event that an emergency residual waste solution is required in the event that kerbside collection systems cannot be resourced.

We will be posting the following message on our website & social media outlets:

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday, all HWRCs will now be closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak until further notice


Impacts on NFDC services summary 27.03.20

Information offices

  • Observing the Government’s rules about staying at home to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, NFDC has closed all its offices to the public until further notice.
  • This includes Lymington Town Hall and Appletree Court in Lyndhurst, which is closed to the public except for people facing homelessness.

Public facilities

  • All NFDC public facilities including public toilets and playgrounds are also now closed.
  • Town and village car parks will remain open for use in line with the current guidance and charges have been suspended for three weeks (will be reviewed) to help the large number of volunteers in obtaining essential supplies for those who are self-isolating or are vulnerable people.
  • Parking clocks sales have been suspended

Community support

  • Appletree Careline community alarm service continues to operate 24/7
  • On 22 March the Prime Minister announced that a network of community hubs would be set up across the UK to ensure the delivery of food supplies to the 1.5 million people with serious medical conditions told to stay indoors for 12 weeks because of Coronavirus.NFDC is working closely with local authority partners (HCC are the lead), and the community and voluntary sector across Hampshire, to ensure that we can provide help to those who most need it during the coming weeks.
  • More information on support for people identified as ‘extremely vulnerable’ is available on the website


Rents, Benefits and Council Tax

  • Residents struggling to pay their council tax due to loss of earnings or illness resulting from Coronavirus can seek financial assistance through NFDC’s council tax reduction scheme. Flexible payment options are being offered to residents in difficulty.
  • Information and links have been added to the website on other benefits


Housing, housing maintenance and homelessness

  • Tenants concerned about making rent payments can get advice by emailing the rents team on rents@nfdc.gov.uk (or calling 02380 285 222 option 2 if they have no access to email.)
  • NFDC are continuing to provide advice and assistance to households facing homelessness.
  • Only essential repairs to council homes are being carried out; emergency repairs and work necessary to prevent danger to life or extensive damage to property, or if the problem will have an adverse effect on a medical need.
  • All non-essential work programmes (kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, roofs etc.) will cease until further notice. Housing maintenance staff and contractors will be following social distancing guidance when visiting tenants' homes and will continue observing good hygiene standards in accordance with the national guidance.


Support for local businesses

  • Business rates: NFDC has approved two new policies to support businesses from 1 April 2020. These are the expanded retail discount and nursery discount.
  • The council’s Business Rates team is applying the new policies and where a business qualifies under the new policies, they will be sent a revised bill. There is no need for businesses to contact NFDC about this.
  • (Details from the Government about the new business support grant are still awaited.)
  • Support for food businesses considering offering take-away services is available from NFDC’s Environmental Health team on 023 8028 5230 or eho.office@nfdc.gov.uk
  • Links and further information on the following are available on the website:
  • which businesses are required to close
  • the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
  • Government measures to support business



Waste, recycling, and environment

  • Advice on how to store rubbish for anyone with confirmed or possible Coronavirus or self-isolating (COVID-19) - double bag all waste that contains tissues and do not put it out for collection for at least 72 hours
  • The Garden Waste Collection service will be suspended from 30 March 2020 until further notice.
  • Bookings for bulky waste collections have been suspended until further notice.
  • Refuse crews have been given guidance on how to maintain social distancing and adjustments are being made to the way we carry out the service to follow this in a safe way.
  • Collecting household rubbish and recycling is a priority but there will be some adjustments to refuse collections in the coming days.  Residents are being asked to keep an eye on website announcements, and to share information with any family or friends who are unable to access the website.


Environmental Health

  • Routine food hygiene inspections, taxi knowledge tests and safeguarding training have all been suspended until further notice.
  • Environmental Protection will continue to respond to alleged nuisance complaints. Residents are urged not to burn waste, including garden waste, due to the potential health and nuisance impact on neighbours.

Cemeteries and funeral services

  • Funeral services in NFDC cemeteries are still permitted, but only immediate family should attend, and only where it is safe for them to do so in line with current government restrictions.
  • Interments for cremated remains and burials are expected to continue unless the Government advises otherwise.

Planning and Building Control

  • The Planning team continue to process planning applications, though there will be no site visits that require going into properties that are inhabited. Planning applications can be submitted in the normal way.
  • Building Control continues to operate as normal, but internal inspections of buildings that are inhabited will not be carried out. This may impact on the issuing of completed certificates.


Council meetings

  • Council - 6 April 2020 has been cancelled, and all NFDC public meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

New Forest District Council is regularly reviewing its services and providing updates on any impacts to services on its website newforest.gov.uk/coronavirus and via its Facebook facebook.com/newforestgov/ and Twitter twitter.com/newforestdc accounts.

Coronavirus: NFDC Council meetings cancelled

As part of our support to the Government’s approach to delay the spread of Coronavirus, all non-essential Member meetings have been cancelled until further notice.   

Refuse & Recycling Collections

25.03.20 12.01pm

New Forest District Council are expecting severe service disruption to refuse & recycling collections over the next few days or weeks.

In anticipation of this, we recommend taking the following measures:

1. Minimise your waste, eat any leftovers

2. Appropriately wrap and freeze, until refuse collection day, any food waste which cannot be composted in your own garden

3. Wash and dry food packaging before throwing in the bin

This will minimise unpleasant odours and attraction of vermin.

Coronavirus: Storing waste advice

Please see below for public advice on storing waste -  would be grateful for any sharing of this information you are able to do (it is on our facebook and twitter also) :

Advice on how to store your rubbish for anyone with confirmed or possible Coronavirus or if you are self-isolating (COVID-19): 16/03/2020

  • Double bag all waste that contains tissues
    • Do not put it out for collection for at least 72 hours

Double bag: Personal waste (such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloth) should be stored separately to other waste, put in a rubbish bag  and then put into a second bag / black sack.  This should be tied and kept separate from other waste in the room/s in which you are self-isolating.

Keep aside for at least 72 hours: Do not put it out for collection for at least 3 days. As an example, if you have filled/tied a bag on a Monday and your collection is due on a Thursday, that bag can be put out for collection on Thursday morning. However, if you have filled/tied a bag on a Monday and your collection is due on a Wednesday, you would need to hold onto that bag until your collection day the following week.

Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.

This advice is based on guidance form central government, designed to prevent transmission of the virus.

NFDC service updates are being added to our website:

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Rich Young
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