Page 4 - MARCH 2015
P. 4
Chairman’s Report -

Cllr Keith Petty

As I am writing my report, at the end of January,
the Village is facing some possible major
changes. The final tenders for leasing the
Military Port are now in and the Ministry of
Defence are deciding on what decision to make. They are then
putting this to a scrutiny panel in February to ensure they receive
value for money. Unfortunately their review process does not
take into account the impact on our local roads and

Linked with the above changes Associated British Ports have
purchased the Marchwood Industrial Estate for a reported 55
million pounds. Although some of the activities on the site have
long leases, like the power station and incinerator. We are
unsure what changes could happen on the site. We have invited
ABP to a parish meeting to discover what their plans are.

We have been contacted by Barker Mills Estates who wish to
provide us with details on their plans to develop the land between
the household recycling centre and the Admiralty Quay housing
estate. They wish to build an anaerobic digester and a thermal
treatment plant which would convert food waste and other
materials, such as wood, into electricity and heat. They also want
to construct a small industrial estate on the site. As part of their
development they would provide allotments, a community
orchard and public open space for the village. They are going to
have a public display in the village at the end of February, we will
publicise the event when we have more details.

This is an unsettling time for Marchwood residents either
because they are neighbours to these developments or because
of the wider impact on our road and rail networks.

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