Page 4 - December Edition VN 2014
P. 4
Chairman’s Report -

Cllr Keith Petty

In my last report I went into some detail about the
Military Port. Since then we have not received much
further information apart from the Military of Defence
have confirmed there are five interested parties for
the lease. I will hopefully have more news next time.
Marchwood has had a sum of money held by the District Council for
some time, originally collected from housing developers, to fund open
spaces projects. The rules have changed on how this money can be
used and the Parish Council had to produce plans on how to utilise this
money in October, otherwise we could have lost it. It had very strict
criteria on its use and so we came up with a plan on improving our
open space and encouraging others to use it. The project links all of
our green areas with improved signage and upgrading some of the
gravel paths. We hope that we can create a nature walk providing bat
and bird boxes and information on the varied biodiversity in the area.
We want to introduce a small community orchard to the side of the
village hall, an open air table tennis table and chess table. Also we
want to replace the roundabout on the Lloyds Recreation ground with a
new one, provide a picnic table in the play park and repaint the lines on
the tennis courts.
At the end of the footpath, where it reaches the sea at Admiralty Quay
we want to place a park bench and tidy up the area at the end of the
car park. These plans now need firming up but we hope to be able to
start work as soon as possible. The District Council was very
impressed with our proposals and I would like to thank our staff for all
their hard work in pulling them all together.
At a recent meeting of the Lloyd’s Recreation Ground Trustee the
final position for the new Scout and Guide building was agreed,
planning permission now needs to be sought. As part of their
application the Trustee has asked the Scouts and Guides to ensure all
the local neighbours are brought up to date with their plans.
Finally I would like to offer best wishes to you all for the Christmas

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