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Chairman’s Report -
Cllr Keith Petty

Annual Report 2014/15

This year has seen some major industrial proposals
which could have a large impact on the lives of
Marchwood Residents. The Ministry of Defence have
been working on leasing out the military port and recently announced that
Solent Gateway has been selected as their preferred bidder. The Parish
Council, concerned that the MOD had refused to “consult” on the issue,
organised and took a petition to 10 Downing Street calling for more
involvement in the Government’s plans. At the time of writing this report
we are waiting to see what the new Developers have planned for the
Military Port, although we are sure it will mean increased road and rail
Another commercial change in our Village is that Associated British
Ports have purchased the industrial estate. We have invited them to
attend a meeting of the Parish Council to outline their plans and we
are still awaiting a response.
Residents will no doubt be aware that Barker-Mill Estates have been
consulting on developing the Cork Farm site with an anaerobic digester
and industrial units and in return they are offering the Village part of the
site to be used for allotments and public open space. The Parish Council
have yet to receive the planning application and until we do Councillors
are unable to comment on whether they support or disagree with the plans,
doing so would exclude them from taking part in the vote at the
Planning Committee.
On a more positive note, the Parish Council is working hard with the
Scouts and Guides to replace the old Scout Hut with a new building fit for
purpose. The Lloyds Trustee has agreed to the location and design of
the building and it is hoped that a planning application will be submitted
This is the final year of the term of office for all Marchwood Parish
Councillors and elections will be taking place on 7 May to decide who
will be representing the Village for the next four years. I would like to put on
record my thanks to all the Parish Councillors and Staff for their
contribution and dedication in working to improve our Village whilst trying
to maintain the elements that make our community such a pleasant place
to live in.

Cllr Keith Petty - Chairman

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