Page 6 - September Edition 2014
P. 6
Ø I and Alison have met with the Leader of the Project from
the MOD to discuss the issues.

Ø We approached our local MP, Dr Julian Lewis, who raised
a question in the House of Commons over the leasing of
the port. "To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if
he will make it his policy formally to consult the resi-
dents of Marchwood, Hampshire, about the sale of the
lease of land and facilities at the site of the military
port; and if he will make a statement."
The response was from Philip Dunne (The Parliamentary
Under-Secretary of State for Defence "There will be a for-
mal opportunity to receive and hear the views of local resi-
dents in regard to the Marchwood proposal via the
statutory planning process. Additionally in recognition of
the ongoing concerns that local residents will understand-
ably have, Ministry of Defence officials will continue to en-
gage with local representatives and through the Local
Planning Authority until the commercial arrangements are
It is not yet known how interested parties will seek to de-
velop the Marchwood site for commercial use over and
above the continuing military use at this early stage in the
process. Consequently, any consultation with the local
community would, at this stage, be speculative. I would
expect the successful partner to consult with the local
community regarding its plans for the site following the
grant of the concession."

Ø We have reached agreement with the MOD that they will
send out a letter from the Parish Council to all potential
bidders. In it we have raised concerns about the road and
rail network and the local environmental issues that could
be affected by any change of use.

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