Page 4 - September Edition 2014
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Chairman’s Report -
Cllr Keith Petty

In May I had the honour of being elected
Chairman of the Parish Council for the following
year by my colleagues on the Council.
We have been very busy in the last few months
dealing with the impending leasing out of the
Sea Mounting Centre by the Ministry of
Defence (MOD). For those not aware of the current position I will
outline the basic facts.
· The MOD is looking to lease out the Port to a private de-
veloper for up to 35 years. A developer will be able to use
any spare capacity / space on the site, whilst the Military
will still use the facilities for transporting goods and equip-
ment to and from the country.
· The timetable for signing the lease is around Spring 2015,
before the general election!
· The port lends itself to roll on roll off type facilities and so
could house things like the import & export of cars rather
than containers.
· The MOD said that one of the attractions of the port is its
railway and so there is likely to be a greater increase use
of the line through Marchwood.
· Any increase activity in the port is also going to have an
impact on the road network in and out of Marchwood.
· The MOD have told us that they are still going to keep 17
Port and Maritime at the port, they would have an enclave
within the Sea Mounting Centre for the more sensitive
equipment etc.
· The new developers will be given the role of handling am-
munition but will need to have a special licence and train-
ing to do so.
· Associated British Ports have expressed an interest in the
lease but so have other companies. Due to commercial
sensitivity the MOD are unable to tell us who the compa-
nies are and what the various proposals include.

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