Page 9 - CYMK Issue 141 Autumn Edition 2017
P. 9

Marchwood Forget-Me-Nots

        For our exhibition A Trip Down Memory Lane held on Saturday 3        rd
        June this year, Sonia and I were delighted to receive over 180
        visitors.  It was a lovely day seeing our loyal regulars and new
        guests.  Several old friends and school chums were re-united after
        many years and Rae a lady who came from Bath unexpectedly saw
        a photograph of herself taken 60 odd years ago.

        As usual a splendid array of cakes were provided to go with that
        much needed cup of tea for dry mouths from chatting.

        Many thanks to all who helped make it a memorable occasion,
        especially Deb and Jenny.

        Sonia & Carolyn.

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