Page 5 - CYMK Issue 141 Autumn Edition 2017
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One of these was the Annual County Service at Winchester Cathedral
        followed  by a reception in the Great Hall
        It is a formal occasion Lounge Suit/Day Dress and permission to wear the
        “gong”, my Marchwood  chain of office.
        Carol and I duly got dressed up, me in my grey pin stripped suit, which still
        fitted.  We drove to Winchester and on arrival I realised I had left my jacket
        hanging in the hall at home so I was not “formally dressed”. Would they let me
        in the Cathedral ?
        Well to cut a long story short they did and we enjoyed the service. It was a
        very hot day and I guessed they had relaxed the dress code.
        So off to the Great Hall for the free buffet, enjoyed by all and then to collect
        the car and drive back home.
        When we arrived at the Car Park at 5.45,  it was locked and bolted for the
        night. As it was Sunday it closed at 5.30 and did not reopen until Monday. We
        never saw any signs !!!. We phoned an emergency number and a very angry
        security guard emerged from the darkness of the basement to “release” our
        car. I had this image of us on the train back to Totton and then the bus to
        Marchwood and the repeat journey on Monday
        So the moral is always wear a jacket and beware of free car parks on a
        Party in the Park  III
        At the time of writing we are looking forward to Party in the Park III. I am sure
        when you read this you will have had a fantastic day. It is appropriate that I
        take the opportunity to thank the Officers, Melanie & Colette,  Rollie
        Rowlands, Cllr Hoare and so many others for all the effort that they have put
        into organising this important event.
        Dibden Bay and ABP
        In my earlier report in the Spring edition  I had hoped to have more informa-
        tion about Dibden Bay and ABP  in time for our meeting on the 17  July, We
        know little more than already advised. Alistair Welsh Port Director for ABP
        has given us an undertaking that that he will come and talk to us as soon as
        further information is in the Public Domain.
        We already have speakers for Parish Council and Open Forum meetings in
        October so if I think it is appropriate I may ask the Clerk to call a special pub-
        lic meeting as soon as we have more information.

        Have a nice SUMMER.

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