Page 4 - CYMK Issue 141 Autumn Edition 2017
P. 4

Chairman's Report -
                     Councillor Fred White

         Much will be reported elsewhere by our County and
         District Councillors.

         DAVE INCE   (Goodbye)
         Congratulations to Dave Ince on his recent retirement,
         Big Dave as he is known to most of us.
         Always about the village in one of our big red trucks.
         Dave was with us for over 22 years, he joined the team back in March 1995
         when  Tony Lavington and Darryl Hindle and Mike Saxby  were around . I
         think Dave Makinson may have been a Councillor at the time too. Many
         faces have changed over the years, some things remain the same.

         Dave who lives at Barton on Sea  is married with four children and 6
         grandchildren plus a further addition on the way. When I spoke to him today
         he was enjoying his new role as a  “baby sitter” having just returned from a
         holiday in the USA.

         Dave served as a Retained Fire Fighter at Hardley from 1989 – 2013.
         It was my pleasure to host a special, lunch at the Heath Hotel . There were
         13 of us and we presented him with
         holiday vouchers as a retirement gift from
         us all..
         Dave remembers those occasions when
         residents complained to him about some
         local issue, he knew that it went with the
         job and he was happy to explain and send
         them away hopefully with a happy smile

         Dave has asked me to pass on his good
         wishes and thanks for the happy times he
         enjoyed in Marchwood.  Dave will be sorely missed.  Best Wishes to him
         and his family.

         Welcome to Ryan Lane our new full time Grounds man who is the
         replacement for Dave.
         Sometimes as part of my responsibilities I have to attend formal occasions
         as the representative of you all and our village.

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