Page 9 - NEW Issue 138 Winter Edition 2016 ( John)
P. 9

Solar Panel Farm
       There have been complaints regarding noise coming from the Solar Panel farm in
       Tavells lane.
       It turns out that the noise was coming from the inverters, which kick in when the
       weather becomes hotter.
       Light source have installed new ventilation nozzles with noise insulation material
       at the back of the building housing the fans, this is a new solution developed
       especially for the Tavells lane site. A long side this they are installing an acoustic
       fence around 2 inverters, the remaining other 2 are sited too close to the solar

       A resident in Tavells Lane has volunteered to be noise monitor and is giving
       reports back to NFDC and Light source, but I am pleased to say that the problem
       appears to be rectifying itself. I would like to say thank you to the well organised
       residents in Tavells Lane who have worked hard with NFDC and Light Source to
       sort this out.
       NFDC Bring Banks
       Following a review of NFDC’s Bring Banks, which revealed a large drop in their
       use, since the introduction of kerbside collections for glass, it has been decided to
       reduce the number of bring banks from 106 to 20.
       NFDC are also looking at introducing small electrical recycling banks for toasters,
       kettles, etc., which would expand the range of things residents can recycle.
       All private and charitable Bring Banks will remain; this will give NFDC a saving of
       Bring Banks will remain in Hythe, Dibden and Totton.
       Residents can ask NFDC for an extra glass box if needed.

       Phone Box, Long Lane
       I have learnt today that BT are going to remove the phone box at the Long
       Lane/Staplewood Lane junction, because it has not been used at all in the last 12

       I would like to wish you  all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

       Cllr Alison Hoare
       023 80872979

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