Page 8 - NEW Issue 138 Winter Edition 2016 ( John)
P. 8

District Councillor Alison Hoare

       Dibden Bay
       As you are probably aware, Associated British Ports are in
       the process of developing their Port Master Plan outlining
       their future proposals and aspirations for the future
       development of the Port over the next 20 years.
       There is a consultation out at the moment which ends on
       the 25  November 2016.
       With regard to Dibden Bay, this is described within the plan
       as a strategic land reserve held for future expansion.
       ABP, state that by 2020 they hope to have undertaken
       feasibility studies and research into how the Port can be expanded, and hope to
       be bringing forward proposals on how to achieve this.
       They have indicated that they consider it will be necessary to commence the
       process of seeking approvals to develop Dibden Bay sometime before 2020, as
       they consider it prudent to adopt a lead in time of 9-10 years prior to the
       requirement for Port uses being undertaken on the strategic land reserve,
       (Dibden Bay).
       New Forest District Council, The National Park and Marchwood Parish Council
       will all be responding to the consultation.
       Should any applications for development come forward, these will be classed as
       a National Infrastructure planning application and the decision will be made by
       the Secretary of State. NFDC, NFNPA, Marchwood Parish Council and HCC  will
       all be consulted but will not make the final decision.
       Air Quality
       I have had 2 enquiries relating to air pollution and air quality monitoring in
       Air quality monitoring is still undertaken in Marchwood by NFDC using passive
       nitrogen dioxide tubes. These diffusion tubes are exposed for 4-5 weeks to
       obtain an average reading, therefore over a year NFDC can obtain an annual
       mean nitrogen dioxide concentration which can be compared with the National
       air quality objective.
       Monitoring using this method has not shown results above the annual mean
       objective for nitrogen dioxide in Marchwood at any time since monitoring started,
       which is at least over the past 10 years.
       Diffusion tube monitoring is taking place at these sites
       School, Twiggs lane
       Shorefield Road
       Broadwalk Way
       Bury Road.
       There used to be real time analysers for nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter
       which were located in Magazine Lane, Bilbery Drive and Autumn Rd; however
       these were decommissioned in 2014 in line with government guide line as there
       had been no exceeding for the previous 6 years.

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