Page 6 - NEW Issue 138 Winter Edition 2016 ( John)
P. 6

District Councillor Sue Bennison

       Recycling Bring Banks
       With the success of the kerbside recycling scheme, the
       District Council has been monitoring the Bring Bank sites
       across the Forest.  Results are showing that at a number
       of these sites quantities of materials have reduced
       significantly due to the successful use of the kerbside
       collections of Glass and Dry Mixed Recyclables in the
       clear plastic bags.  It is proposed to reduce the current
       106 Bring Banks to 20 early next year.   The remaining 20
       sites will mirror the kerbside service with banks for glass
       bottles and jars, as well as banks for paper, cardboard,
       plastic bottles, tins, cans and aerosols.  Most Supermarkets will retain Bring

       Along side the very successful Kerbside Glass recycling scheme the District
       Council are considering the siting of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
       (WEEE) banks at the remaining Bring Sites to expand the range of materials that
       residents can recycle such as toasters, mobile phones and hairdryers along with
       electrical wiring,   It is hoped that residents will choose this route rather than the
       H/H Waste Recycling Centres.

       Marchwood Industrial Estate Roundabout
       I have been contacted a number of times regarding the state of the roundabout at
       the North Road entrance to the Industrial Estate and in fact have seen for myself
       the deplorable state of the road.   So I have been for some time pressing for
       repairs to be undertaken and I thought I had been successful when we received
       notification that the road would be closed sometime after the 31  October for 3
       days whilst these works were undertaken.
       Unfortunately the latest position is that some investigation is required due to “a
       large area of ponding near the entrance to the industrial estate, which is normally
       drained via a weir kerb which currently does not seem to be working”.   This will
       need to be fixed as part of the preparation works for the carriageway resurfacing.
       The resurfacing works will be undertaken by a specialist contractor but with the
       approaching winter months this does not provide a “favourable time to lay”.   The
       upshot is that the roundabout will not be resurfaced until March/April 2017.
       Meanwhile the roundabout will still require interim repairs and I have been
       advised that HCC will have a look at making a better temporary repair to make
       the road serviceable until next spring.

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