Page 5 - NEW Issue 138 Winter Edition 2016 ( John)
P. 5

County Cllr David Harrison, District Cllr. Mrs Sue Bennison, Cllr Fred
                 White and District Cllr. Mrs Alison Hoare attending the Freedom of
                                   the New Forest event.

       Times of Change
       My wife and I have lived in Marchwood for over 12 years and we seem to have
       reached a period of uncertainty and change.  The leasing of the Military base, the
       sale of the industrial estate to ABP and the proposed housing developments at
       Cork Farm and beyond the new Solar Farm towards Totton. In addition, we have
       more recently learned about Local Government reorganisation which could affect
       Hampshire County Council , NFDC and even the Parishes.  Now we are told that
       the Hythe Ferry is under threat and an ABP Port  development  at Dibden Bay
       has come back to haunt us.

       Future Times
       2017 will present all of us with serious issues that will need to be addressed if we
       are to maintain the identity of Marchwood and the Waterside community. There
       may be some difficult decisions.

       Christmas and New Year
       On a more cheerful note, let me wish all of our  Parishioners a safe and Merry
       Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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