Page 10 - NEW Issue 138 Winter Edition 2016 ( John)
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Councillor David Makinson

       I am David Makinson recently co-opted on to the Parish Council and this
       will be my second time around. Now recently retired after 40 years with
       HMRC I work part time  weekday mornings as delivery for our Day Lewis
       Pharmacy which enables me to visit all parts of the Parish on a regular
       basis. Happily married for 39 years [my wife has the patience of a Saint]
       and lived in the village for 33 years we have 3 sons who all attended the
       village schools and Applemore College.
       Over the next few years the village is going to face several challenges :
       ABP expansion into Dibden Bay
       Increased motor traffic in and out of the Industrial Parks
       Building of new houses – agreed desperately required but it is important
       that the infrastructure required – better roads- larger schools are also given
       Finances – how to maintain current services on a tight budget.
       It is important that we all work together and put the village first.
       Enough from me I can be contacted via the Parish Office so it just remains
       for me to wish you all
       Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.


                              This year’s Fete was a great success despite the
                              bad weather at the end. We know that lots of our
                              local groups raised much needed funds and our
                              visitors had an enjoyable time. I would like to thank
                              the committee members who worked really hard
                              before and during the day. Thanks must also go to
                              our helpers who assisted us, our sponsors, the
                              groups who entertained us, and the stall holders
       who took part.
       Unfortunately it was just too much work for our small committee, by the end of
       the day we were dead on our feet. With this in mind we put out requests for
       extra support in organising the 2017 Fete but sadly we did not receive enough
       offers of help to make it feasible to run it next year. The existing small
       committee has therefore decided to put their activities on hold and wait to see
       if we receive additional support so we can resurrect the Fete in 2018.
       By Keith Petty, Chairman, Marchwood Fete Committee.

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