Page 6 - Spring-2016
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Report from District Councillor
             Sue Bennison

I thought you would be interested in reading my report
to the Regulatory Committee on 13th January 2016 for
Application No. 15/11254 for the operation of an
Asphalt Plant at Marchwood Wharf, Oceanic Way for a
temporary period of 5 years. It reads as follows:-

HGV Movements.
The residents of Marchwood are going to be directly impacted upon if this
application is granted today. All vehicles will use Normandy Way and
Cracknore Hard Road to access the site, this will entail residents living in
Woodmoor Close, Rosewood Gardens, Ripplewood, Frome Close, Cracknore
Hard Lane and Close, Drake Close, Normandy Way, Gage Close, Old
Magazine Close, Pebble Court, Tides Way and Shorefield Way to be exposed
to this additional traffic.
It is to be commended that the applicant has agreed to a Section 106
agreement that all HCV’s between the hours of 7pm and 7am will be routed
via North Road to Normandy Way, Bury Road and Jacobs Gutter on to the
Highway Network BUT residents living in Old Magazine Close, Pebble Court,
Tides Way and Shorefield Way will have to endure 60 HCV vehicle
movements through the night time hours, which is a time when HCV
movements to the Industrial Estate have under normal circumstances
ceased. This use during night time hours will be 7 day per week. Your
report states that Environmental Health concludes that night time traffic
noise associated with this application may result in a significant adverse
impact on residential amenity.
It is noted in your report that the site has been used for the operation of a
bagging plant for the processing and exportation of aggregate with a
throughput of 100,000 tonnes per annum.
Question: When did this operation start?
How long did it continue for?
When did it cease?

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