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Housing Proposals
I attended a meeting of NEW FOREST ASSOCIATION OF
LOCAL COUNCILS. We received a report to the effect that
in the New Forest District there will be a need for 12,000 to
14,000 new homes by 2036. Up from 2800 in the current
plans. There will be restrictions at to where they can be built
but I am sure this will impact on our village in some way.
Public Consultation on the local plan will commence this
summer and the plan will be submitted in Summer 2017 for
consultation. We will keep you in touch.

WI Carol Service
Carol and I attended the annual W.I. Carol Service. Thank
you for a delightful event.

              Marchwood Forget-me-Nots

Marchwood Revisited is our title for this years
exhibition on Saturday 4th June 10am - 3pm at
St. John’s Church Hall.

Again we seek your assistance and if you have any old
photograph’s of Marchwood or were married there we
there we would like to borrow your photograph’s to
photocopy and display. Please also ask friends and
famiy who live outside the village.

The Rev. Simon Hones has agreed to hold a special
‘Celebration of Marriage’ short service at 3.15pm for all
who care to attend.

Carolyn Bianchi 023 8086 9847
Sonia Harper

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