Page 4 - Spring-2016
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Chairmans Report -
           Councillor Fred White

Not a lot to report to you over the winter
period that has not been covered by our
County and District Councillors in their

Some of you complain that you are not
always kept as well informed as you would
like. Regular Committee and full Council meetings are held
in the village hall and members of the public are always
welcome to attend.
Please come and join us and have your say.

Asphalt Plant
At a recent full meeting of the Council a resident attended
and expressed her concerns at the County Council decision
to allow the Asphalt Plant. The Parish Council had opposed
this, as had your District Councillors and your County
Councillor, however the application was approved at
County. The resident asked if the Parish Council would
launch a Judicial Review against the decision on the
grounds that “her” Human Rights were being breached. We
had been advised that we as a Parish Council could only
request a Judicial Review if the County Council had in been
in breach of “due process.”. I advised the meeting that as
per our Standing Orders if I received a request from at least
2 Councillors I would call a special meeting of the Council
to consider her application and consider action which we as
a Council could take. I received only one request so no
meeting was called. I write this to assure you that we are
mindful of our responsibilities as Parish Councillors but our
powers are limited and final decisions are often made

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