Page 6 - Issue 134 Winter Edition 2015
P. 6

Report from District Councillor
                 Sue Bennison

Cork Farm Fields
In July I was pleased to report that with the
help of the landowner and NFDC the removal
of a significant growth of ragwort had been

Of course many of you will remember the two
day consultation held at the Village Hall for the proposed
development of this site. I am sure that many of you, myself
included are pleased to know that a planning application has not
materialized as the landowner, I believe is having second
thoughts regarding development of this site. Personally I think it
would be very beneficial to Marchwood if this site could be left as
an open piece of green space and would hope that any future
development in Marchwood will take into account the importance
of keeping some sites as open green space.

Bury Lane Cycle Path
On Friday 6th November I along with many others have been invited to
attend the official opening of this long awaited cycle path. I think for
as long as I have been a District Councillor for Marchwood, this cycle
path has been on the list of projects that the Parish Council has been
trying to achieve.

In the end it has been a truly collaborative achievement, with everyone
playing a part in achieving the required goal. I understand that there
is a little money left in the pot which may be used to provide some
seats along the way for folk to pause and admire the natural

It will provide a safe and pleasurable route beside this very busy road
and I am sure many will be pleased that it has now been completed.

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