Page 5 - Issue 134 Winter Edition 2015
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Reported elsewhere is our decision to host Happy’s Circus in Spring
2016. This has been a personal project of mine for some years and I
was delighted when my fellow Councillors decided in favour. We all
enjoy the Village Fete and hopefully we look forward to hosting other
events such as the Circus and Music in Park once again for the whole
village to participate in.

Fawley Parish Council Annual Civic Service
Amongst the events I have attended through the summer was the
annual Civic service at Fawley. The theme was trust and It was
delightful. Local schools attended and each of them performed musical
items giving their interpretation of the theme. Two students from the
New Forest Academy charmed us with songs from their current
production of Joseph and his Multi-coloured Dream Coat.

New Solar Farm on Bury Road
The site is located on land South of Bury Road. This section of the
Marchwood Aggregates quarry has previously been worked and is
undergoing restoration. Planning permission has been approved and
the application was supported at Parish and District. Lightsource are
making a significant annual donation to the community, to be used by
the Parish Council for the benefit of the village. They have also
volunteered to make further donations on an annual basis as they are
now the owners of the Tavells Lane Solar Farm. Your Parish Council is
planning to ringfence both these contributions for specific community
We are now looking forward to the Festive Season and wish you all a
Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year

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