Page 4 - Issue 134 Winter Edition 2015
P. 4

Chairmans Report -
           Councillor Fred White

At the time of writing I am looking forward to the
Annual Remembrance Service at St John’s
Church, Marchwood.

This year is a little different as Deputy Lieutenant
(Hallam Mills Esq. DL) will be attending this event
with the Chairman of NFDC, Cllr. Alison Hoare,
also a Parish Councillor for Marchwood. Also in
attendance will be representatives from the RFA and the Sir Galahad

Marchwood is privileged in that we have a dedicated RFA memorial
commemorating the Falkland Islands conflict and over the years we
have developed a close personal relationship between them and
Marchwood Parish Council. Later in the year I hope to be able to report
that new seating and a flagpole have been installed adjacent to the
Falkland memorial.

My fellow Parish Councillors and officers were invited to 17 Port and
Maritime Regiment in September. This was a wonderful evening with
a guided tour around outdoor capability stands demonstrating the
varied capabilities held within local regiments.

It has been a busy summer for Marchwood. Elsewhere in the magazine
others have reported progress with regard to the Cork Farm Field
development, proposed Asphalt Plant, community orchard and the
cycle path which is due to be officially opened on 6th November.

Lloyd Recreation Ground
As many of you have been aware, there have been some issued
regarding anti-social behaviour and it was the decision of the Trustee
to close the gates at night and I have undertaken this together with
other councillors for which I thank them. The Trustee has decided that
from now and through the winter the gates will be left open unless we
receive further complaints. The situation will be reviewed in Spring
2016. Please contact the Parish office if you wish to make any further

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