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financial support, expertise and knowledge to enhance what is already widely
considered to be a leading, quality programme for talented young female
players across Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

I know it has been a worry in the community that increased traffic will be the
eventual result, John wanted to make sure we understood that these facilities
are for club training sessions and Academy matches as has always been the
case and that Parents, Scouts and officials are generally in attendance and
once onsite parking and Health and Safety checks are fully operationally a
small number of spectators will be accommodated, again as has been the
practice in previous years. I know the height of the dome has come as a
shock to a number of residents, District Council has ensured that it does meet
the height granted under the recent planning permission. Again John is doing
his very best to incorporate some innovative screening using the high ball
protection fencing adjacent to the dome. I shall be following this up to see if it
comes to fruition.
Local Plan Review 2016-36
Post elections, I continue to sit on the Development Control Committee and
with the new administration comes many training meetings. A review of the
Local Plan is just beginning as there have been many changes over the last
25 years and it is important to keep the plan up to date. One of the main
priorities that should be delivered is housing need. Since 1986 there has
been a significant drop in house building from 1,000 per year to 200 per year
due to a policy of restraint needed to protect the New Forest. This is about to
change to a housing need figure of 600-700 house per year, for the next 20
years, so the question is where are they to go.

The NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) puts a “Duty to Co-operate”
on all local planning authorities. New Forest District is part of three wider
HMAs (Housing Market Areas) – Southampton, Bournemouth/Poole and
Salisbury. The starting point is meeting your share so this Autumn district
councillors will be discussing where new housing can go in their areas, which
is not going to be an easy problem to solve.

Community Grant
One final good note, I have a good proportion of my Community Grant
available for any project which is in need of a small amount of funding to
succeed. Please call or email me if you need financial help to get a project off
the ground.

Cllr. Sue Bennison Tel: 02380 813442

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