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Report from District Councillor
Sue Bennison

First of all my thanks go to everyone who voted for me
at the May elections. I am very pleased to have been
voted back in with an increased number of votes and will
be able help the residents of Marchwood for the next 4

The Promenade – Rose Bed
A Quayside Walk resident contacted me regarding the
state of the rose bed adjacent to the sea wall outside the
flats. I arranged to meet NFDC ground maintenance, and the residents on
site and we discussed what would be the best action for a lasting solution.

The plan of action is the remaining plants and weeds will be killed off
completely, the soil will be completely removed, new soil will be imported and
covered with a weed suppressant material and new rosa rugosa bushes
replanted. A top dressing of pea shingle will complete the job which I am
hoping will look really attractive.

Work is to start about September/October time so that the new shrubs can
get established before winter.
Cork Farm Fields
As I walked along Footpath 501 last week for the site visit for the Rose bed, I
was disappointed to see the vast amount of Ragwort that had sprung up in
these fields.

On my return journey from the Promenade whilst litter picking the path ably
assisted by the District Council ground maintenance team, I mention how
disappointed I was to see this amount of ragwort that was on the verge of
seeding everywhere. NFDC has equipment that can cut and collect
unwanted vegetation very effectively. It seemed sensible to me to see if I
could arrange for a bit of partnership working, so with the help of the
landowner (Barker Mill) who financed the work and District ground
maintenance team a deal was struck.
Debbie Stokes who owns the ponies that graze the land was very pleased to
have help this year. She had sprayed the land last year but due to the
uncertainty of her retaining the tenancy was unable to commit to that expense
this year.

So my thanks go to Simon Barker and NFDC to help eradicate this pernicious
weed which I hope the photos illustrate so well.

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