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Marchwood Military Base
There is a degree of uncertainty concerning the possible granting of
the Concession for Marchwood Military Port.
The grant of the Concession was to Solent Gateway but there has
been an appeal against the decision. We will try to keep you all

Marchwood Industrial Park and Cracknore Industrial Park
ABP now own the Industrial parks and part of the foreshore. I have
written to the CEO of ABP for more information as to their plans for
Marchwood. Please contact me if you would like a update.
Cork Farm
During my time in the village there has rarely been an issue that has
raised so much interest. A public meeting and demonstration!!

As I write we now know that Barker Mills may have new plans. At a
Parish Council level we have to wait until we have further information.

Cycle Path
Sometimes it is nice to have good news. The Cycle Path is
progressing and as I write we hope to open it September.

Other Issues
I am sure I have forgotten something.


We are lucky in Marchwood we have dedicated County and District
Councillors. At a Parish level we try to help and our Staff are always
available for you to consult. On a personal level if you have an issue
concerning Marchwood please contact me.

Fred White
Tuesday, 04 August 2015

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