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Chairmans Report -
Councillor Fred White

This is my opportunity personally to say thank you
and a welcome.

Thank you to Cllr. Petty for serving as Chairman for
Keith stays with us a Councillor and is active in his
support for the Scouts and Guides, the Youth Club
and around the village.

Thank you to my colleagues for electing me, as Chairman for 2015/16
but to be honest there was a lack of enthusiasm on the part of others to
step forward so I volunteered. We all have busy lives and my fellow
Councillors are active around the village in other organisations as well
as serving you on the Parish Council. I guess one of the advantages of
being retired is that I have more time to devote to “civic” duties than
those in full time employment.

Thank you to Mike Saxby for agreeing to serve as my Vice Chairman.
Mike has been around the village it seems for ever.
There are pictures of Mike in the Village Hall, go and have a look, he is
much younger, Judy tells me that in some respects he has not

Welcome to David Dale, Mike Proctor, Jane Bovey who were elected in
May and to Richard Young who was co-opted recently. You have all
seen mini biographies of David, Mike and Jane in our summer edition.
Richard is not new to the village and he has one big advantage, he is
younger. I have not dared to work out the average age of our

Sadness - We all read in the last edition of the Parish Magazine of the
death of Ron Vango-Fisher. On a personal basis Ron was a friend and
Carol and I miss him. At a Council level we always valued his advice.

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