P. 10
Councillor Jane Bovey

When I retired from frontline clinical nursing
last June, I wanted to do voluntary work which
reflected my professional and personal values
and be social and stimulating.
Firstly I approached Macmillan Cancer
Support which was advertising and after
interview and references I was offered the
voluntary role of Ambassador for Hampshire.
Then in May this year I was elected unopposed to Marchwood
Parish Council. I am confident that both roles will complement
each other through networking, being involved within the
community and the opportunity to raise the profile of Macmillan
and Marchwood community issues.
My role with Macmillan is to act as an ambassador on behalf of
Macmillan, champion events held in Hampshire and receive
cheques on behalf of Macmillan.
I started work at the beginning of March 2015 and since then I
have attended several events. Working under the guidance of my
Fundraising Manager, I give a Macmillan presentation to different
groups or societies to which Macmillan has been invited. Other
invitations include receiving cheques from clubs or societies
which have chosen Macmillan Cancer Support as their chosen
charity of the year, or attending fund raising events as an
In May we took our caravan to Bunn Leisure in Selsey, where a
huge fundraising event took place. Through the rest of the
summer and into October I will be attending cheque
presentations, returning to Bunn Leisure to receive a big cheque
for Macmillan, attending Beaulieu Cycletta September 20th
(intending to take part as well as champion) and the World’s
Biggest Coffee Morning on September 25 -with several coffee
mornings to attend!

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