Last year at the Marchwood Village Fete a small display of photographs was exhibited on the Parish Council stand.  This comprised selected views of the village contrasting “then” and “now”.

This limited display provided a great deal of interest and proved to be a major talking point.

Forget me nots

Forget me nots

The Marchwood Forget-me-nots have decided to hold a slightly larger exhibition relating to the history of the village.

The purpose is to further research into the history – hopefully with visitors able to identify people shown in some of the photographs, to gauge the level of interest in these sorts of displays; and hopefully for visitors to bring forward any old pictures/photographs that they would be willing to share.

Obviously if anyone wants to talk about the “old days” then we would be only to happy to listen.

Any suggestions or themes for possible future exhibitions would be gratefully received.  However this may be dependent on additional material becoming available.

“Newcomers” to the village or long time residents, interested in the history of Marchwood or just plain curious –  all are welcome.

For further information please contact.
Carolyn Bianchi  on 023 80869847  Or
Sonia Harper email:

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